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Forget doing the tough stuff, or even the easy stuff on your own. Super affordable, expert & professional life psychology skills & coaching, the BEST challenges & personal projects EVER! PLUS …. a growing squad of outstanding (every day) people doing life, their way too, just like you! We turn the meaning of EGO! completely on its head and none of it is meaningless or a waste of time, thought or connection. We love Ego! and know you will too! Join FREE for 45 days on our SuperLaunch Special …..

MindsetMindfit Academy Online Courses for getting on with Life.

Online learning is one of the ultimate upskilling & convenient life tools in today’s plethora of human potential education. Our courses aim to either introduce new or complement existing pieces you already have going on in your life. Perhaps getting to know yourself like never before or letting go of past hurts or grudges. Even the art of forgiveness can be a highlight, in a world that seems to be ever closing in on us unless we choose to embrace it and crave knowledge, human empowerment & mindset freedom. For your life to be GREAT, you have to plan to MAKE IT GREAT, then take the leap! Our courses & squad will support your journey, every step of the way!

Available Online Soon! (we are rebuilding our learning experience platform).

Life Library.

Do you love reading? Remember the days of relaxing with a good book, a cuppa and to forget the world around us? Yes, please! Did you know I am the Co-Author? Our book is called Dance in the Fire of Life. Have you read a book you feel others would love to read too? Ooh yes! please share, that would be awesome. Looking for the next great read also? Download our app Ego! and let us know the juicy reads your’re into so we can be into them too,thanks heaps. Our Ego! app has chat forums and a social page as well. Never stop learning, reading!
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Life Coaching, Life Doing + Projects & You.

A coach takes the team to victory! Well, that’s the forecast at the beginning of a season, right? A sweet victory will look and feel different to each and every one of us. Our place of comfort, safety and well being also. So here at Penelope Jay we bring to you some different ways of “feeling & maintaining your life strutt, your life happy place & your life purpose” .
*Ego! App & Hustle Hub
*Private & Group Coaching
*Experiences & Projects
*Life Story Interviews

*Gala Dinners & Travel Adventures
Join us anywhere you like, we’ll be right here at the hub, where you too can do your thing!

Do you have what it takes to join us?
Silly question, of course, we know you do!

Gala Event 2020.

The Gift of Giving at its very finest. Dressed up with somewhere fine to go, among some of the finest people, enjoying the finest evening! Have you ever wished (maybe upon a star!) you had more to give or that you had given more, but it all just eluded your grasp? The right connections to stand next to, in unity? Well, you’ve now found the right squad, at the right time. This is really cool, we are excited too. Book your tickets today, mingle with the people, your people, or people who could become your people. We are hosting the finest, and our very first, Giving Gala here in Adelaide, South Australia. Expect the Unexpected at our event, no giving stone unturned! All we will say for now is, get your hearts ready, it’s time to go all out and …. lend a “second hand” in 2020 (and way beyond).

Life & Mindset Elements.
Events, Webinars & Podcasts.

Thank goodness all our senses can be put to good use when it comes to learning, listening and life lessons. Our community outreach consists of our Ego! App, live events, books, webinars and coming soon, the audio element, our Podcasts. We are still “under construction” with these, and will announce our VOICE TO THE WORLD real soon, you’ll be the first to know! Coming soon! We’ll be wired for sound before you know it.

Roar! for Men.
A 6 Week Self Development get together (casual & non-invasive).

Stop! No overthinking (allowed) on this one. Let’s cut to the chase …. this is NOT a “sad man’s club”. Far from it! Join us for an upbeat, low key, drama free; 6 weeks of actually getting (understanding) you guys through methods of listening and actually hearing you”, plus possibly nutting out some areas of life that may be bothering you and require a little more focus than others. Or even defining what it is you want or need for who you are. We can talk, or not, whatever suits your style of communication and comprehension, it’s fine by us, never any pressure as we (I) am as flexible as can be. Your life matters too, you know!

*Join us to become a Roar! Man Foundation Member, today!

Travel 2020.

We are off to Vietnam in 2020!
Your tour leader, the owner of Penelope Jay, is also a highly accredited + 30 years experienced Personal Travel Manager. Spread your cultural wings in a glorious fashion by joining our travel tribe as we mix it up by giving and receiving in Vietnam, 2020. Will you join us and delight your own experiential senses of sight, sound, and taste? We hope so! Great News! This is a family-friendly experience; all activities, tours, transport and more will be suitable for children 13yo +.

Full package & pricing out soon!
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Our Legacy Footprints.

How will you be remembered once you are no longer physically here? Yes, agree it’s a daunting fact to think about, but we really feel it’s one worth having at least a conversation or two about. If we start with the end in mind, the dream of what our life “will be” may assist in our legacy footprints moving forward. The memory and unique human gifts we leave behind, perhaps begin having a think about your life legacy, how will we remember you?

No button to click here, just a moment to reflect & continue the conversation inside our Hustle Hub on the Ego! app.

Life, the Mother of all Ultimacy.

The Ethos Project.

“”It actually doesn’t cost anything to be a good person””. As much as this saying may have been spruiked a thousand and one times and seem obvious, it remains as true as it was in the yesteryear.

Ethics. Ethical. Ethos. It’s all same same.
* Head over to our Resources & Projects page for more on this.

So, who can benefit from joining a community, our community?
Individuals, Families, Children. Schools Students & Teachers.
Corporate Business, Sporting Teams, CEO’s, Supervisors,  Managers & Staff. Abuse & Trauma Victims. Everyone! 

You may notice (with time) some things happening to you should you embark on a journey of further personal growth:
*Extra energy (instead of mental fatigue) 
*Positive Mindset (reducing negative thoughts)  
* New Friendships (love makes the world go round!)
*Living with peace and clarity (being fulfilled & purposeful)
*Your smile returning (I bet it’s a beauty too!)
*Your heart softer (easing off the defenses)
*A new outlook as to how much easier & drama free life can be

The hard stuff will still happen, we just know how to handle it better with some life skills in our belt! Again, it costs nothing to be an upstanding ethical person and nothing is really more gratifying than feeling as one.

That amazing feeling of being freed forever, you just cannot beat it
no matter what age we are.

Often it just takes one thing, one different life move, to takes us places we thought we’d never get to
– Penelope Hall

Where are you at with life right now?

If you are looking for some “real deal” life feedback & someone to deliver it to you,
you are in the right place.
I promise to always listen & deliver my best with life systems I know work.
My children and I completely turned our life around from rock bottom
to the success we live today! No word of a lie, we did it tough.

Then I discovered life choices, human boundaries, and a loving tribe. I left those others behind,
right where they left me. Was it labour intensive? Yes, you better believe it.
Judgements? Too many to count, so we pushed on like brave warriors.

Your life won’t be the same as ours. It will differ.
A fork in the road does not discriminate., neither does anxiousness, overwhelm,
depressive feelings or life challenging surprises.

So, your first step is to understand who you are from the inside and go from there.
You may then rediscover what you value most in life and find your happy.
PLUS … know what you are willing to tolerate, let go of and forgive,
NOW! is true bravery and freedom.

Peace & Love, Penelope Hall x
A Life Coach
(who has seen it all, or at least a most of it!)

Will you look back with peace in your heart and say … “I had a really good life”?

Yes, I had a good life!

Firstly, don’t put the pressure on yourself to change anything overnight, and definitely, do not start overprocessing inner thoughts like “I have to change the world today” or “I have no idea where to even start”. Living an “”expectational” life only causes problems for everyone concerned, so on the list of your to do’s, also drop expectations on yourself and on others. They don’t work, never have, never will! (no expectations = no disappointment = win win!)

So, do we have a deal?

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